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Barilla Campanelle with Lobster and Sautéed Porcini Mushrooms, a recipe by Chef Lorenzo Boni

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Sicilian Tuna Carpaccio: a Gourmet Recipe by Chef Lorenzo Boni

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Tomato Sauce Serving Suggestion: Classic Italian Fish Soup

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Pictures from the Barilla Italian Cooking Weekend at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Recipes from the Garden Chef Series: Linguine Fagottaro Pasta Salad

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Tortellini with White Truffle Sauce: a Recipe from the American Wine and Food Festival

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Recipe of the Month: Bread Croutons with Chick Peas and Spicy Cherry Tomato Topping

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Academia Barilla at the 26th American Wine and Food Festival in Los Angeles

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Barilla Italian Cooking Weekend at the New York Wine and Culinary Center

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Garden Chef Series Recipes: Rotini with Braised Fennel

Thursday, August 28th, 2008