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AMOROLIO: For love of olive oil

From October 15 to 21, 2011, Nancy Harmon Jenkins will lead an in-depth class on olive oil, “Amorolio: For Love of Olive Oil,” at Villa Campestri in Tuscany.

Olive oil has been an important part of the Mediterranean diet since ancient times. It is for this very reason that Nancy Harmon Jenkins, food writer and authority on the Mediterranean diet, has developed a five day program, for to food writers, chefs and food lovers, to deepen their knowledge about the golden liquid. Participates in the program will learn how olive oil is made, to recognize specific aromas, to identify positive and negative characteristics and to select and use olive oil appropriately.

For the entire duration of the program, guests will stay at the Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, run by the Pasquali family and located in the heart of Tuscany, a couple of miles from the Mugello. They will also take part in the olive harvest, assisting with preparation of the new oil and being able to taste when it is ready.

The program will also include a visit to a charming old mill in Mugello to discover how the oil was traditionally prepared. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about all the recent developments in the preparation of Italy’s best extra-virgin olive oil.

In addition to olive oil, Tuscany also gives rise to many other fabulous products. Guests are invited to visit many other places where traditional Tuscan products are made, such as wine, salami, cheese and more.

To make the experience even more unforgettable, lunches and dinners will be held in various traditional restaurants in the area/

More information about the 5-day olive oil experience can be found on the following websites:
- http://nancyharmonjenkins.com/topics/italian-food-and-travel/amorolio-for-love-of-olive-oil/
- http://www.villacampestri.it

If any you are interested in participating or curious to know more, contact:

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“AMOROLIO: For love of olive oil”

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