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Academia Barilla establishes the C.P.I.C.

Last Thursday at the headquarters of Academia Barilla in Parma was presented the Certificate of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine.

In the presence of many international chefs, ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world, Gianluigi Zenti (AD Academia Barilla) conferred the title of “Italian Cuisine Master Chef” ad honorem to the chefs Mario Caramella, Cesare Casella, Domenico Crolla, Donato De Santis Angela Hartnett, Arima Kuniaki, Mark Ladner, Paolo Monti, Pietro Rongoni, Giulio Vierci, Yoshi Yamada, Luigi Passano.
All of these professionals, while differing for stories and experiences, are in fact united by a deep understanding of the principles governing the Italian food and their ability to spread the knowledge of this cuisine in the world.

The ICMC, in fact, is the highest honor for chefs who, following the unwritten rules that make it unique Italian cuisine, have contributed significantly to the introduction, dissemination and preservation of Italian cuisine in the countries in which they carry out their activities.

There is no doubt that the ‘Italian food “is experiencing a moment of splendor in the world but to an increasing spread of authentic products is also a lot of confusion about what is the Italian gastronomy .

As we saw in our recent article, in fact, too often the cuisine of the Bel Paese is subject to misunderstanding and confusion and, in some cases, encourages the proliferation of products not authentically Italian, which do not even know the principles that govern our culinary culture.

And it is the restaurants around the world which play a major role in the dissemination and education of these principles abroad.
On one hand it is estimated that worldwide there are at least seventy thousand restaurants so called “Italian”, but on the other most of these so called “Italian” restaurants don’t offer the right service and quality, and unfortunately not all customers know what true “Italian” food tastes like.

Solely to defend the good name of Italian cuisine in the world and maintain high standards, Academia Barilla recognized as essential the establishment of a program such as the “Certification of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine “(CPIC), which is able to prize those chefs who have the skills and knowledge in order to disseminate authentic Italian gastronomic culture around the world.

The CPIC will finally set a standard that allows chefs to create a network of excellence, testimonials of success of Italian cuisine abroad. This certification is, in fact, designed specifically for those foreign chefs who already have this knowledge and experience, and allow them to pass a test of theoretical and practical exams that qualifies them for all purposes as standard bearers of the kitchen Italian.

For those who want to best prepare for this exam, in addition, Academia Barilla has introduced Learn @ Work, a program that offers courses to practice full immersion for all those who aspire to specialize in specific subjects.

This way Academia Barilla believes that the standard of the chefs who are ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world is bound to rise leading to greater understanding of authentic Italian food culture.

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2 “Academia Barilla establishes the C.P.I.C.”

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