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Sex and the Food: ingredients that get men running

Zink, iron, phosphorus and calcium should always be on a man’s list of elements to consume before a hot date, because virility can be eaten with a spoon, fork and knife

Pre-game menu

Five Italian dishes that will increase your libido

We have selected five recipes from the Academia Barilla website that are rich in sensual ingredients, creating an Italian “love cuisine.”
To begin, we suggest an Insalata Ischitana (Ischia-style salad) made with delicious mozzarella di bufala, one of the best ingredients from Campania, paired with tomato sauce and celery. As a first course, try a classic pasta dish like Tagliolini al Tartufo Nero di Norcia. Originally from Umbria, this dish is easy to prepare, yet rich in aroma and flavor. For your second course, why not Cappun Magro, a dish from Liguira in which oysters are placed around a plate of fish, lobster, langoustines and boiled vegetables, dressed in a garlic, parsley, capers and hard-boiled egg sauce. As a lighter, vegetarian, you could try Verdure e Ortaggi in Tegame. Originally from Calabria, this dish consists of peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes and onions, flavored with green olive and spicy red chili pepper. To finish your meal, enjoy a Pizza con le Noci, a recipe from Abruzzo for walnut pizza made with dark chocolate, honey, cinnamon, candied citron and rum. Pair your meal with excellent wine and top it off with an Italian espresso.

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In addition to a handkerchief, men should always carry a stalk of celery in their jacket pocket: before a hot date, a man should never eat haphazardly.
He should look for the right foods, the one that will rev his engine.
Foods that we know are guaranteed to cause sparks.

For centuries, man has been interested in foods that work as aphrodisiacs, or that make you feel young and alive.
In ancient Rome, people used to believe Sine Bacco et Cerere frigescit Venus or that the goddess of love would become depressed if she wasn’t in the kitchen.
This belief carried over to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and even more recent times.

From the meat of sparrow, an animal believed, by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, to be able to attempt procreation eighty three times in an hour, to bulls’ or lambs’ testicles meant to be eaten raw to absorb testosterone, there are many foods that are believed to increase sexual appetite.
Spices and certain types of fish are also popular aphrodisiacs.

According to researchers, the ingredients that over the centuries have been believed to increase your libido have effects only on people who actually believe in them: any ingredient can stimulate sexual impulses if you believe that is the case.
In the end, our brain is our most erogenous zone.
It is true, however, that there are foods that can make men feel more powerful by either improving blood circulation or tonifying the muscles in one’s body or because they create a state of excitement.

Here is a list of ingredients that are believed to have such effects: honey, chili pepper, dried fruit, oysters, caviar, wine, chocolate, celery, dairy products, truffles and coffee.
All of these foods contain substances with high erotic potential.

Celery, for example, may seem harmless, but it is rich in androsterone, a strong male hormone. When released after a meal, androsterone attracts females. Oysters, on the other hand, contain the so-called sex mineral: zinc.

Some of the ingredients that are believed to increase your sexual appetite…

Some of the ingredients that are believed to increase your sexual appetite…

Together with iron, phosphorus and calcium, zinc is known to improve fertility, strength, power and desire. British physician, Sara Brewer, points this out in her book “Better Sex”. Dried fruit as we know, is rich in niacin, a vitamin in the B-complex that helps to produce testosterone and dilate blood vessels. The caffeine in a cup of coffee make us more sexually active, if drunk in moderation. At least that is what the studies of Jeanne Shaw, sex therapist and clinical psychologist based in Atlanta, have shown.

Before meeting for a romantic rendezvous, men should prepare with food. Although sex is another physical pleasure, it is capable of helping our emotional state as well.

Mariagrazia Villa

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