October 2010

Editor’s Letter

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Innovation? On demand

Editor's Letter

Companies including both those operating in the food industry and retail, must respond to consumer demands. Only by closely following the needs and desires of shoppers – which are changing faster than ever – can you really stay on top of the game.

Food companies should focus on producing quality food, not only in terms of flavor, but also in terms of health.  Food should positively affect our bodies and help us to live longer. Food can provide us with: comfort, culture, joy and pleasure.

Food companies should also take responsibility for the environmental impact of their products and look for ways to become more sustainable, developing new production processes that consume less water, reduce waste and favor recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials. Really forward-thinking companies are working to improve food storage and the shelf life of their products, allowing for improved warehousing and the reduction of transportation costs. Assuming corporate responsibility is fundamental to improvement, as are supporting the equal distribution of wealth and free trade.

Examples of real innovation include the rediscovery of raw foods and educational programs that teach people simple dietary rules with a focus on natural ingredients, which can improve both how they look and feel. A large part of the studies on innovation in the food world, not only examine new technologies for optimizing industry, but also consider new marketing channels, like door-to-door and outlets. Future retailers, the last link in the food chain, will be much more aware and careful about what they sell thanks to the exchange of information with consumers.

Supermarkets are increasing their services and innovating in terms of delivery, prepared foods, coffee shops and more. Often, they focus on new purchasing experiences, like tasting areas. They are looking for new ways to offer products in order to increase the benefits for the client. More and more often, large businesses offer complete solutions for their consumers, baring in mind the cultural aspect of food. Supermarkets are becoming communication tools, a place of learning where people can gather information about what they are buying and where industry can interact directly with buyers. Supermarkets are also trying to compete in the food service industry by opening restaurants inside their stores or selling prepared foods: a hot meal, just like at home.

Gianluigi Zenti
Editor in Chief
Italian Food Lovers

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“Editor’s Letter”

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