September 2010

Editor’s Letter

God made food; the devil the cooks.
James Joyce

Add a chair to the table

Italian recipe: gnocchi

Whether devils or saints, chefs are true culinary artists and are deeply connected to the land on which they live. Good Italian food is born when man and nature come together, when man meets the earth or the sea and unites age-old wisdom with contemporary creativity. Italian food has no rivals. Whether found in a gourmet food shop in Paris or a designer restaurant in Bangkok, served at the dinner table of an Indian tycoon or an upper class New York family, Italian food products have the appeal of the sensual, Dolce Vita, lifestyle. Italian food also means health and wellbeing. The millions of people that follow the Mediterranean diet on a daily basis have proven just how healthy it really is. In Italy, food is also a symbol of hospitality. We openly invite foreigners to come to Italy to discover all the wonderful things to eat. Each region has its own specialties, which are a part of Italy’s cultural patrimony and national identity.

With this issue of Italian Food Lovers, we present the culinary treasures of Parma and the surrounding area, the special mountain cheeses of Trentino and much more. We invite readers to veer off the beaten path and discover the beauty and flavor of a lesser-known Italy, as well as the pleasure of conviviality.

Gianluigi Zenti
Editor in Chief

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