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Sagre and festivals in Parma and Emilia Romagna

From festivals dedicated to everything from garlic to cotechino, celebrate the summer with flavor

Sagre and Festivals

Festival of White Cuisine

Mendatica, Saturday, August 21st

The slopes of the Maritime Alps are home to a unique, local cuisine blending the elements of Liguria, Cuneo and the Occitan valleys. Referred to as the “white cuisine,” the diet of the locals is based primarily on starches, dairy products, colorless vegetables like potatoes, leeks, garlic, turnips or wild products collected on the roads made by sheepherders. Despite its relative proximity to the sea, the cooking and preparations reflect the mountains more than the Mediterranean. Every year the town of Mendatica organizes the Festa della Cucina Bianca, a festival celebrating the local cuisine and ancient pastoral culture with concerts around town.

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Food traditions and popular culture come together at summer festivals. Here is a calendar of what’s in store.

Borgo Casale is a hamlet located in the Apennine region outside of Parma and is home to a complex of old homes that have been converted into a hotel. Once known the crossroads for people traveling between Emilia Romagna, Liguria and Tuscany, the town is nestled in the green valley of the Gotra River. On August 14th, the borgo will come alive for a big summer barbecue.

The Festival of Garlic from Voghiera will be held at the castle of the Este family in Belriguardo (Fe) from August 6th through 8th: there will be a market, samples of garlic-based recipes, local specialties and performances.  


On August 7th, taste great wines from the cellars of the Val Tidone under a sky of falling stars. The best Doc wines will be poured at Calici di Stelle at Villa Braghieri in Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza.

Every summer, the Museo del Castagno a Zocca (Chestnut Museum) hosts a series of special events through August 17th. The events vary in theme, from nature, to conferences to food festivals where you can sample local products, including “crescentine alle tigelle” or “borleghi ai ciàci.” 

The Festa del Cotechino is a celebration of pork products, including the famous cotechino sausage, made in the Val Tidone. Many of the top salumi-makers are located in Pianello, where the festival will take place from August 20th to 22nd. Sausages of all types and preparations will be served in Piazza Umberto I.

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