August 2010

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I can’t stand people who do not take food seriously.
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The future will be based on teamwork

Pomodorini e basilico

I just returned from the Global Leadership Summit 2010, organized by London Business School. The theme of this year’s summit was “New Frontiers: Expansion, Opportunity and Innovation.” A considerable number of influential leaders from around the world explored emerging opportunities in developing countries and discussed the economies, industries, politics and innovative technologies that are guiding the next generation of globalization.

It became apparent that it is necessary to support countries, including Italy, where there is an integrated ecosystem between public and private companies and between the food, agriculture and tourism industries. We need to work in a synergic way, reducing overarching costs with a greater impact on results.

Summit delegates talked about coopetition, or cooperative competition, which can be established between rival companies when they collaborate on a specific activity of their businesses. Competing companies in Italy in the food, agro-food and tourism sectors could work together in a foreign market where they are not currently present. This is possible, however, only if we change our approach and reformulate the entire economic system, freeing ourselves from the rules and bureaucracy of the past.

We can keep our values strong, as well as the identity of our culture, by working together to support an ultimate goal: make the world a better place by helping people eat and live better and spreading authentic Italian food culture. Food culture, as you will read in this month’s “Italian Food Lovers,” is one of the strengths of our country.

Coordination of the work between companies should naturally happen at the global level. Despite the recession, the world’s population continues to grow: we will reach 12 million people by 2020. We will need twice the energy and food that is currently available, while reducing our carbon emissions by half because it will no longer be possible to ignore the environmental impact of our choices. We are entering into a new era and we have to make choices…that are different than the ones we made in the past.

Gianluigi Zenti
Editor in Chief Italian Food Lovers

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