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The Benefits of Genetics

A new test to find the right diet


Test kit from gdiet Life Plan

It doesn’t take a CSI agent to put a drop of saliva on the wand of a DNA kit. The gdiet Life Plan allows you to test your test your own DNA at home and determine the best diet for your genes, tastes and lifestyle.

The kit was created in 2009 by a team of scientists at g&life, a company based in the Area Science Park in Trieste, the most important scientific and technological parks in Italy. The patent, the only one in Europe, is based on the most recent genetic studies according to a holistic approach to diet, which combines the soul, behavior, diet and health.

In addition to analyzing the cells from the mucous from inside your mouth to determine the twenty genes related to nutrition, the kit contains a questionnaire about your lifestyle and a map of your preferences for two hundred foods. In the labs in Trieste, exclusive software collects the data and the nutritionists of g&life come up with a personalized diet based on the DNA information, your daily habits, your food preferences and your amount of physical exercise.

With the new test, it is even possible to prevent disease. The kit can help to reveal unexpected allergies causing problems like headaches or tiredness, or one’s propensity for osteoporosis or diabetes.

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