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Meditate in midair, Jump on a trampoline, or sweat spinning a hula-hoop: the future of exercise is in the air – despite what Isaac Newton said.
For some years now, paragliding to tree climbing to gravitational pilates have been all the rage.
The newest addition to the antigravity trend is Antigravity Yoga ( invented in New York, like so many new exercise fads, Antigravity Yoga was introduced in Italy by Yoga Journal at the 2009 Yoga Festival.
This new practice combines traditional positions from yoga and Pilates, but rather than working on the floor, you are suspended from soft, cloth hammocks hanging from the ceiling. Then there is the rebounder and the elastic mat, perfect for working your spine without putting any stress on it. You jump like you did when you were a kid, consuming calories as you go.
And if hanging in the air is not your thing, perhaps hula-fit will be more up your alley. Get out your old hula-hoop and give it a whirl.

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