July 2010

Editor’s Letter

All men eat and drink, but few can distinguish real flavor.

Italian Good Taste

Italian Spaghetti

Italian food is a symbol of the dolce vita. It is an international icon of culture and good taste, an invitation to enjoy life’s pleasures in a healthy way.
The Italian soil is bountiful and people who work the land do so with the dedication needed to turn the natural resources into unique, territorial products.

Barilla, the largest pasta producer in the world (if one were to line up all the spaghetti produced by Barilla in one year, it would stretch for 75 million km, or half the distance from the earth to the sun), believes wholeheartedly in the Italian diet based on quality ingredients, simple recipes and territorial products. Thanks to these products, Italy has gained worldwide recognition and must protect and defend its gastronomic patrimony from counterfeits.

Academia Barilla helps to promote this cause by offering cooking classes, food and wine tours and a line of products traditionally hand-made from the best ingredients. Our guideline is authenticity. It is the same thing we look to achieve with this magazine and is the basis of every article.
The main issues addressed in this issue are biodiversity, the environment and food safety.

Where food comes from is central to each one of these topics. How local communities cultivate the land and raise their livestock is a fundamental part of the quality and authenticity of food.


Gianluigi Zenti
Editor In Chief

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