June 2010

Editor’s Letter

Man eats; only the intelligent man knows how to eat.
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


It is with joy that we present Italian Food Lovers, Academia Barilla’s new online magazine. This monthly publication is dedicated to the pleasures of travel, the discovery of Italy and the many fruits of its land, from landscapes to art to cuisine.
Food, honest-to-goodness Italian food, and its relation to the environment, history, society and culture, is what we are all about.

Academia Barilla was founded in May 2004, in the city of Parma, located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley.
It is our mission to promote the gastronomic culture of our country and to do so, we have chosen to focus our attention in three areas.

First of all, we carefully select and bring to market authentic Italian food products that are an expression of the ancient artisinal know-how of our people.

Secondly, we organize cooking courses in which we teach not only technique, but culture, including the emotional and contextual relationship Italians have with food. In Italy, going to the market to get one’s daily groceries, cooking for our family or for our friends and sitting down together at the table are part of the fabric of our society.
In order to give people the opportunity to directly experience our food culture, we organize guided tours in various regions of Italy, which include visits to food producers and restaurants, as well as cathedrals, castles and ancient towns.

Due to the presence of a well-shelved gastronomic library at the Academia Barilla headquarters, the third area we invest in is publishing and communication. The decision to publish this new magazine came from our desire to enforce and enrich our idea that food is culture.

We invite you to join us on a trip across Italy, exploring the country’s diverse regions and cuisines, from Sicilian pasta con le sarde to strudel from Trentino Alto Adige. Our goal is to introduce you to a lesser-known Italy, often over-looked by tourists, but rich in food traditions and culture. We will also pay special attention to the science of eating and ways of developing the talent of eating well.

I hope that you enjoy reading the inaugural issue of Italian Food Lovers and that it is in keeping with your taste!

By Gianluigi Zenti, Editor In Chief Italian Food Lovers

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