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New Design for the Italian Food Lovers blog!

How do you like our new blog design? We like it very [...]

How do you like our new blog design? We like it very much!!!

We have been around in the blogosphere with our Italian food culture blog posts, gourmet recipes, news from the food industry, a gourmet chef network and a lot of blogging passion since back in December 2006, almost two years ago (our birthday is December 21)!

So we thought it was about time to give our beloved Italian Food Lovers blog a new design – not only from a mere design standpoint, but also from a content usability / accessibility angle.

The new and larger publishing column, which now aligns the editorial and publishing setting between the home page and the blog post, is what makes us more excited. The new widescreen format will allow us to use larger, richer visuals and images for our articles – we love it, and we hope you’ll love it too!

The new blog navigation can now provide our readership with easy access from our Italian Food Lovers homepage to all your favorite content.

With immediate access to our featured and latest posts and easy reach to some of our most popular columns (Chef network’s gourmet recipe, Academia Barilla recipe of the month, featured videos, Italian food culture, Italian food events and Gastronomic Library) we surely provided our readers with a lot of opportunities to easily explore our content.

Of course you will still be able to browse our content by category (the Ingredients list on the left) and to grab one of our many RSS feeds to stay updated with our latest posts directly delivered to your mailbox (or RSS reader, or browser, you choose). So grab our main RSS feed to get all the content we publish, or as many as you want from the Ingredient list to get only the content you are interested to.

Last but not least, we dropped a footer with few direct links at the bottom of each page, so that you can reach directly the Academia Barilla website, the Academia Barilla online store, our new contact page or our blog archives with just one click!

We keep one little secret not to be revealed yet, but be prepared: more surprises from Italian Food Lovers will be coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Please let us know if you like our new blog design, we’d love to hear from you – use the comment box of this post!

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“New Design for the Italian Food Lovers blog!”

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