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Italy in a Box: Italian Gourmet Season Gift Boxes and Gift Ideas from Academia Barilla

Academia Barilla is proud to introduce its new series of Italian gourmet [...]

Academia Barilla is proud to introduce its new series of Italian gourmet Season Gift Boxes, the new line Italy-in-a-box.

Italy-in-a-box is not the ordinary, typical gift box. First of all, it actually comes in a box, a very elegant and refined luxury one, holding the true taste of Italian gastronomic culture, an experience that will truly evoke all your senses.

Italy-in-a-box is a journey across the findings of Academia Barilla continue research into the gastronomic and cultural identities of the different regions of Italy. A limited edition of gastronomic gems that will surely bring happiness to both the sender and receiver of this set.

All Italy-in-a-box gastronomy sets contains a selection of the best Italian regional products, simple and original tips for bringing the Italian flavor to your kitchen and your table, and come in refined and limited edition packaging that can be customized according to your taste.

Let’s explore the first gift boxes with this post, we’ll explore more later. Today we have in front of us three nice gift idea choices within the Italy-in-a-box collection: Discovering Parmigiano, Simply Italian and Beauty In and Out!


For all those who have a strong appetite for the King of cheeses, this gift set proposes fun, innovative yet traditional ways with balsamic must to coordinate Parmigiano Reggiano with other delectable products and truly savor the cheese’s exceptional taste. Try it with the sweet, spicy and sweet and savour flavor of the Academia Barilla compotes!

Discovering Parmigiano Gift Box contains: • 1 Shape of 2,2 lb in vacuum bag of Parmigiano Reggiano aged 18 months minimum 
• 1 Jar of Fresh pears and balsamic vinegar of Modena 
• 1 Bottle of Balsamic must
 • 1 Parmigiano Reggiano cheese knife 
• 1 Jar of Spicy fig compote 
• 1 Jar of Chianti jelly
 • 1 Mini-Recipe

Academia Barilla Discovering Parmigiano gift set will be available soon at the Academia Barilla online store.


Tradition, simplicity, romance. The Simply Italian collection of authentic recipes is perfect for those who love tastes and aromas of simple dishes that showcase the unique flavours of all the different ingredients used by a simply and traditional pinzimonio recipe of fresh vegetables.

Simply Italian Gift Box contains: • 1 Bottle of Extra virgin olive oil 100% italiano
 • 1 Bottle of “Aged” Balsamic vinegar of Modena 
• 1 Jar of Sicilian sea salt with fresh olives 
• 2 Steel teaspoon 
• 2 Glass cup
 • 1 Mini-Recipe

Buy Academia Barilla Simply Italian gift set at this link.


This food and beauty gift set will amaze all Italian Food Lovers on the quest for new beauty and health secrets. Using Academia Barilla products, ingredients typical of the Mediterranean diet, these beauty products are a truly creative way to achieve an all-round well-being.

Beauty In and Out Gift Box contains: • 1 Shower Gel with pears, D.O.P. Monti Iblei extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E and thermal water
 • 1 Hands Cream with I.G.P. Toscano extra virgin olive oil and thermal water
 • 1 Night Cream with D.O.P. Monti Iblei extra virgin olive oil and thermal water 
• 1 Day Cream with D.O.P. Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil and thermal water 
• 1 Red orange Scrub with sea salt, orange, D.O.P. Monti Iblei extra virgin olive oil and thermal water

Academia Barilla Beauty In and Out gift set will be available soon at the Academia Barilla online store

Stay with us for the next blog posts, where we’ll introduce the other Italian gourmet gift ideas for Italian Food Lovers’ Season, which is year-round! Yes, because Italy-in-a-box collection is available year-round at the Academia Barilla online shop, just a click away from here!

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