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A new Guest Chef for the Italian Food Lovers Chef Network: Chef John Franchetti

The Italian Food Lovers Chef Network keeps growing, and today we are [...]


The Italian Food Lovers Chef Network keeps growing, and today we are proud to introduce a new Guest Chef: Chef John Franchetti from Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar in Santa Rosa, California.

We had an email chat with John in California and learned a few things about hisChef experience and insight, that started in 1981, when John met the American celebrity Chef, restaurateur, television personality and cookbook author Chef Emeril Lagasse, really liked what he was doing, and decided he was going to follow the same path into a gourmet Chef career.

As he wrote about his Chef experience in an email:

My experience started with Commanders Palace, and Emerils in NOLA, from there I worked doing catering in Rhode Island.

Then I moved to Alaska where I hooked up with my bride to be and I got involved in her restaurant and became a perfect match for us.

Years later we moved back to my home town and started the process of finding a another person that has the same vision that we have to begin the restaurant building together. We found Kevin Cronin who we felt has the same ideals and passion that we do and he was too looking, from that Rosso Pizzeria was born.


For Chef Franchetti, recipient of the Anchorage Alaska Best Chef and Best RestaurantSanta Rosa Best New Restaurant and San Francisco top 100 Restaurants awards, his secret ingredient in being a top Chef is “doing what you want or believe in with the food, not tring to be something or someone else“.

Chef Franchetti’s favorite food is seafood, his favorite cookbook is The Meat cookbook, by Bruce Ideal, and his favorite cooking style is, according to his own definition, regional cooking with Italian influence.

About Italian cuisine Chef Franchetti says “I believe that Italian cooking is regional and traditional with a whole lot of opinions about its true origin, but with a strong focus on seasonality“. We also like his definition of Italian gourmet: “crafted and harvested regional items and products“, pretty much like the Academia Barilla gourmet food products, which Chef Franchetti uses every day at Rosso Pizzeria.

His experience with Academia Barilla products from a Chef standpoint is, as he told us:

I currently use pecorino cheese, balsamics, and salamis. These gourmet products create a uniqueness to what we are doing here at Rosso Pizzeria. The flavor profile on all products are balanced to go on their own or combined with other products, which is what we keeping doing at Rosso Pizzeria.

rossopizzeriawinebarThe address to Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar is Creekside Center, 53 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, California 95404.

You can reach John and the Rosso Pizzeria crew also through the restaurant website or calling Rosso Pizzeria’s +1 707 544 3221 phone contact for info and reservations.
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Thank you to John for joining our Italian Food Lovers Chef Network. We will publish Chef Franchetti’s first Chef Network gourmet recipe tomorrow, keep following our blog!

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