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Introducing new Academia Barilla Italian Gourmet Specialties: Italian Tomato Sauce, Pesto and Sicilian Pitted Sicilian Green Olives

Academia Barilla just broadcasted an online press release announcing to the media [...]

Academia Barilla just broadcasted an online press release announcing to the media the launch of its latest artisan Italian food products. We want to provide a description of these new products to our Italian Food Lovers readers, along with some of our serving suggestions and delicious gourmet recipes.

Today we will talk about the Academia Barilla Italian Tomato Sauce, Academia Barilla Pesto alla Genovese and Academia Barilla Pitted Sicilian Green Olives.



Academia Barilla’s Italian Tomato Sauce is the result of a premium quality, exclusive Italian Scarpariello tomato grown in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s Food Valley.

An incomparable fresh and sweet flavor enriched with extra virgin olive oil, this all natural tomato sauce is a traditional, delicious recipe with an intense red color great for a variety of Italian pasta courses.

Characteristics and serving suggestions:

- Aroma: Scent of sweet, vine ripened tomatoes.
- Flavor: Sweet and delicate with fresh tomato taste.
- Texture: Smooth texture is a perfect complement for a variety of pasta dishes.
- Serving suggestions: very versatile; its smooth texture is a perfect complement for a variety of pasta dishes.

academia-barilla-sicilian-green-olivesPITTED SICILIAN GREEN OLIVES

Academia Barilla’s Pitted Sicilian Green Olives are personally selected from the centuries-old trees of the well-known Belice Valley of Sicily. Here, the red soil and warm climate offer the precious and renowned Nocellara del Belice D.O.P. olive variety.

Seasoned with hot pepper, local wild oregano and garlic, this traditional Sicilian recipe offers fresh and exceptional Mediterranean flavors.

Characteristics and serving suggestions:

- Aroma: Rich and intense aroma of olive pulp, enriched with Mediterranean spices.
- Flavor: An intense and fresh fruitiness with traditional Sicilian flavors.
- Texture: Firm olives with minced herbs and spices.
- Serving suggestions: perfect as an appetizers, a first course and as a snack.

academia-barilla-pesto-genovesePESTO ALLA GENOVESE

A unique non-pasteurized fresh pesto direct from the seaside town of Sanremo in Liguria, Italy. Made with the freshest basil of the Italian Riviera, top quality extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano and whole pine nuts.

Characteristics and serving suggestions:

- Aroma: perfume of fresh sweet basil and aged Parmigiano Reggiano.
- Flavor: tangy, sweet, freshly picked basil.
- Texture: chunky, minced basil and whole pine nuts.
- Serving suggestions: perfect for lasagna, gnocchi and pasta al pesto.

Enjoy Academia Barilla’s Italian gourmet gastronomy! Remember you can buy them all at the Academia Barilla online shopAcademia Barilla Pesto alla Genovese is exclusively available at Sur la Table at this Sur La Table link.

Tomorrow we will publish a gourmet recipe using some of the new Academia Barilla products, stay tuned!

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