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Zuppa alla Toscana (Tuscan Soup): a new Gourmet Product by Academia Barilla

Today we have the pleasure to introduce to you a new product [...]

Today we have the pleasure to introduce to you a new product from the Academia Barilla product line: Academia Barilla Tuscan Soup (Zuppa alla Toscana), an easy to prepare dish that instantly brings to your table all the Tuscan food tradition and authenticity.


The Tuscan Soup is innovative mix of vegetables and cereals with the flavor of Mediterranean aromatic herbs to fully enjoy the pleasure of Tuscan cuisine in just 18 minutes of preparation, to match one of the most traditional Tuscan food experiences with the fast pace of modern life.

Academia Barilla Tuscan Soup is prepared, as tradition requires, with simple and authentic ingredients: red and yellow lentils and healthy cereals such as wheat and spelt (farro), with no GMS or preservatives added.


You just have to mix the content of the 3 bags included in the package to bring Tuscany on your table. The first bag contains a mix of pre-cooked vegetables and cereals ready to be put in a pot, the second the Tuscan aromatic herbs, a key ingredient to replicate the full flavor of Tuscan gastronomy tradition, while the final bag comes with a mix onions, carrots, garlic and tomatoes, the traditional Italian soffritto.

We will soon share with you some gourmet recipes where you can use the Academia Barilla Tuscan Soup, but we would like to spend a few words today on the main ingredients of the new Academia Barilla soup: lentils and spelt.

lentils-academia-barillaLentils probably are one of the first vegetable cultivated in scale in the human history: traces were found in Turkish archeological sites from 5,500 B.C. and also in Egyptian graves from 2,500 B.C.

In ancient world lentils have been a very valuable good, the Old Testament reports a Bible episode where Esau sells his birthrights to his younger brother Jacob in exchange of a bowl of lentil soup.

Today in the Italian food tradition lentils are associated with good luck and are a must in the New Year’s Eve traditional menus.

spelt-emmer-farroSpelt, also known as emmer wheat (farro), was the most popular cereal in Ancient Rome. Its preparation was considered to be sacred, and Numa Pompilio created a special holiday in honor of farro, Fornacalia. Roman sacred Vestals used spelt mixed with salt (a mix called “mola salsa“) for their sacrifices up to the 4th century A.C. Farro in Ancient Rome was also “libum”, a focaccia with no yeast also used for offers to Gods.

We’ll be back soon with a great recipe with the new Academia Barilla Tuscan Soup!

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