academia barilla  June 2008

Exploring the Training Kitchen, Chef Tools, and Pasta Making Tools

Welcome to the second episode in our Exploring Academia Barilla Culinary School [...]

Welcome to the second episode in our Exploring Academia Barilla Culinary School series. Today we will follow Chef Matteo Carboni, who disappeared behind the doors of Academia at the end of the opening episode, to explore the Training Kitchen of our culinary school.

Chef Carboni will tell us all about the features of one of the eight cooking stations, and will spend a word also on some of the tools every cooking station is equipped with: KitchenAid tools.


Those tools, that perform a number of operations thanks to interchangeable accessories, have been gifted to the Academia Barilla Culinary School directly from KitchenAid, a partner of Academia Barilla, and are really the bread and butter of working in a kitchen, according to Chef Carboni who also call them “Chef’s best friends“.

After discovering some of the technologies of the Training Kitchen (we will cover more and more details over the next posts), Chef Carboni asked us to follow him in another lab full of technology, but to show us some traditional, manual pasta making tools, which we already discovered not long ago, as Matteo used them to make Garganelli pasta for April’s ingredient of the month’s recipe.

academiabarilla-traditional-pasta-making-tools In the video above, Chef Matteo Carboni will offer us also a close look at both the traditional classic pasta making hand tool (the metal tool in the video, “the one every Italian grandmother has“, as Matteo says), and to Chitarra, an Italian regional traditional pasta making tool needed to make Rigatoni alla Chitarrra that looks – and sounds – like a guitar!

We also republish the previous Garganelli pasta video here below so you can see the Pettine (comb) tool in action.

More insights, chef tips and video explorations around the Academia Barilla Culinary School will be published soon here on our Italian Food Lovers blog, so stay tuned. We have booked Chef Matteo Carboni for more interviews tomorrow – just give us a little time to edit the movies and we’ll share them with you!

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