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Responsible Carbon Emissions in the Italian Food Valley

Last week Academia Barilla hosted in Parma a conference organized by [...]

PARMA KN Last week Academia Barilla hosted in Parma a conference organized by PARMA KN , which is the acronym of the Parma Agrifood Research MAnagement Knowledge Network, on the topic of volunteer reduction of carbon emissions from the food industry players of the Italian Food Valley, the area of which Parma, hometown to Academia Barilla, is the capital.

Parma KN focuses on the development of research and innovation in the food industry; the knowledge network was represented at the conference, held at the Auditorium of the Academia Barilla Culinary Center, by PKN Project responsible Francesco Braga.

Among the other guests and speakers at the conference where also Carole Brookins, international consultant and authority on carbon emissions topics, and Michael Walsh, Vice President of the Chicago Climate Exchange, the world’s first global marketplace for integrating voluntary legally binding emissions reductions with emissions trading and offsets for all six greenhouse gases.

PKN is developing projects that will allow the Italian Food Valley food producers to position certified typical products quoted at the Climate Exchange in market such as the US and Japan, while pursuing the scope of reducing the carbon foot-print, the environmental impact created by the agricultural and food industries.

As discussed during the conference at Academia Barilla’s Auditorium, PKN and the food producers from the Italian Food Valley are moving towards transparent and responsible choices that will be able to improve present and future quality of life beyond food, while being viable as business, either economically and socially.

For more info on this topic we invite you to check out the websites of both PARMA KN and Chicago Climate Exchange websites, and to support socially responsible businesses who take action on carbon emissions.

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