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Academia Barilla Short Film Festival Awards 2008

Last week the Auditorium of the Academia Barilla Culinary School in Parma, [...]

Academia Barilla Short Movie AwardsLast week the Auditorium of the Academia Barilla Culinary School in Parma, Italy, has been theater of a gala event at the crossroad between movie culture and food culture: the Academia Barilla Short Film Festival Awards – Premio Academia Barilla 2008.

Academia Barilla hosted the 4th Edition of the special Gastronomic section of the Brescello Short Film Festival, that awards short films directors who tell stories about food through a short film. The section is named “Kitchen Stories” and feature special award prizes from Academia Barilla.

Brescello Film FestivalThe gala evening at the Auditorium started at around 9.30 with a brief welcome introduction by Academia Barilla President Gianluigi Zenti, here pictured while awarding the First Prize winner Christian Carmosiano.

Academia Barilla Short Movie Awards

Gianluigi Zenti pointed out that “cinema gifted us in time with many images that made it into the history of Italian and international gastronomic culture”. The screening of the awarded films has been introduced by Virginio Dall’Aglio, President of the Brescello Film Festival, supported by TV Parma news presenter Francesca Strozzi and Filiberto Molossi, a journalist from the local newspaper Gazzetta di Parma.

The Winners of the 2008 Academia Barilla Awards are:

First Prize – La zuppa di pietra
Direction Christian Carmosino (Rome)
Production Year: 2007 – Time: 14’

Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a wanderer.. who roving from one village to the other, used to prepare a special soup. The main ingredient.. a simple magic stone, capable of knocking down the barriers of indifference and the fear towards strangers.
This short film narrates in an ironic way the origin of the famous recipe of Acquacotta, the renowned soup diffused in all central Italy.

Academia Barilla Short Film Festival

Second Prize – Bellissimi
Direction Davide Vanni (Vobarno, Brescia)
Production Year: 2008 – Time: 18’

Synopsis: Few kilometers away from the port of Imperia, Liguria, immersed among the hills covered by olive trees, there is the minuscule village, Bellissimi. At the end of the summer, when the tourists begin to leave, something marvelous happens here.
Renzo, the last builder of hot-hair paper balloons, prepare the new ones which will color the sky during the celebration of Misericordia, the first Sunday of September. While women are up to the preparation of bread and spinach cake following the old traditions.

Academia Barilla Short Film Festival

Third Prize – Dulcis in fundo

Direction Davide Abate (Pisa)
Production Year: 2007 – Time: 2’30’’

Synopsis: Dancing hands molding a special cake in a symphony of senses. 2 minutes of rhythm, sensuality and movement.

Academia Barilla Short Film Festival

Special Mention – Filastrocca appetitosa
Out of competition
Direction, screenplay and photography: 5th grade school kids from the Primary School “Salvemini” of Turin.
Production Year: 2003 – Time: 2’18’’

Synopsis: A funny nursery rhyme which illustrates the correct principles for a good nutrition, a basic element for a harmonious and healthy life.

The Academia Barilla Short Film Festival Gala Awards has been delighted also by the Chef team of the Academia Barilla Culinary School who prepared special gourmet finger food for the gala participants, and also engaged in the preparation of nitrogen ice cream, a special recipe to make ice cream in a very short time: it takes only few minutes and the result presents very fresh and genuine flavor.

Academia Barilla Short Film Festival

Just some picture of this nitrogen ice cream chef demo for now, but we promise you that we will soon inquire with our Chef, and will try to get you the nitrogen ice cream secret before summertime!

Academia Barilla Short Film Festival

If you want to see the trailers of the three award-winning short films, check out this page at the Repubblica Parma website.

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