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Making Traditional Fresh Italian Pasta: Maccheroni alla Chitarra and Garganelli

Last week Chef Matteo Carboni from the Academia Barilla Culinary School shared [...]

Last week Chef Matteo Carboni from the Academia Barilla Culinary School shared with us a few video tricks on how to prepare fresh pasta by using simple ingredients, and traditional techniques and pasta tools.

Academia Barilla Chef

Following the Chef demo from our previous video, Chef Matteo Carboni introduces us to the pasta tools he will use to make Garganelli and Maccheroni alla Chitarra, two traditional Italian regional specialty types of pasta.

Pasta tools The main pasta tools will be a wooden pinroll, and also a manual pasta machine.

But the interesting traditional tools Chef carboni is going to use in the video demo are the Chitarra (in Italian, guitar – its strings can actually be played!) and the Pettine (in Italian, comb). Those pasta tools have been used in Italian regional cuisine for centuries and are still a good Chef’s help today.

Academia Barilla Chefs

Chef Carboni starts slicing the dough before passing it through the pasta machine, making sure to put the rest of the dough back in plastic wrap while working on each piece. The pasta machine will help create large and thin slices of dough, in a process of countinous flour dusting and machine rolling.

When the slice of dough is ready to be processed, Chef Carboni starts cutting it in pieces to prepare the Garganelli, that gets indivudually rolled on the Pettine with the help of a little stick and great manual skills to get their traditional shape.

Academia Barilla Chefs: How to prepare fresh pasta

To make traditional Maccheroni alla Chitarra (that Chef Carboni says are more like fettuccine, rather than maccheroni) Matteo will use, of course the Chitarra, and an energic action with the wooden pinroll, that immediately reveals the pasta.

Academia Barilla Chefs: Garganelli

As Chef Carboni suggests, you can use it for cooking straight away, or you can powder them with some flour, make single servings and freeze them until needed.

Academia Barilla Chefs: Maccheroni alla Chitarra

Buon appetito from the Academia Barilla Culinary School!

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