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Hot like a Gourmet Italian Chili!

Today we want to introduce on Italian Food Lovers a very interesting [...]

Today we want to introduce on Italian Food Lovers a very interesting twist in Italian food, featuring Academia Barilla 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil! We are talking about a product that introduces a real fusion between Italian and US Southwestern flavors and food cultures: Gourmet Italian Chili!

Annette's italian Gourmet Chili

Available in both sausage and vegetarian variations, the one-of-a-kind, first-to-market Gourmet Italian Chili is a unique Italian spin on the classic American-Southwestern chili, never before seen in the US marketplace.

Annette's italian Gourmet ChiliProduced by South Carolina-based Annette Fioravanti who uses only the finest ingredients and true Italian flair, Annette’s Italian Chili has already shown signs of being the next big hit in specialty food stores nationwide. Annette’s Gourmet Italian Chili comes in three variations: Annette’s Spicy Sausage Italian Chili, Annette’s Mild Sausage Italian Chili, and Annette’s Vegetarian Italian Chili – enough choice for all chili lovers!

We reached out to Annette for a brief email interview, and she told us that she decided to adopt Academia Barilla 100% Italiano extra virgin olive oil for her Italian Chili since her family used Barilla olive oil for many years, and this tradition has been carried over to the second generation.

Of course, Annette chooses the 100% Italian olive oil in the 101 oz. can version, which is ideal for her production use as well as for restaurant cuisine, and available at the Academia Barilla online shop.

Academia Barilla products

“During the Chicago NRA show we had the opportunity to sample several Academia Barilla olive oils. We were most fascinated with the Academia Barilla 100% Italiano, which we decided to incorporate into our recently developed three Italian chili recipes.

We were most impressed by the deliciously mild and velvet flavoring that enhances the perfect taste in the recipes, which is the reason why we selected it over several other well known brands… it emphasizes the aromas that make our products distinct.”

Annette's italian Gourmet Chili

Want some serving suggestions for Annette’s Italian Chili? We asked directly to Annette, and these are her suggestions for enjoying this gourmet product at best.

“Our recipes are made with premium ingredients, and are all natural with no preservatives. We provide products that are prepared within a matter of a few minutes, just open heat and serve. Easy serving suggestions? Here we go:

Main meal
- After heating add some shredded cheese and a dab of sour cream, serve with your favorite hearty chips (we love it with the Garden of Eatin Blue Red Hot Chips);
- Serve over a nice dish of pasta, baked potato, or bed of rice.

- Heat your favorite recipe then pour over a layer of hearty chips add shredded cheese then place under broiler until cheese melts
- Serve as a dip with hearty chips (big hit on Superbowl Sunday!)

If you want to get to know more Annette’s range of gourmet Italian Chili products just visit her website at You can also get in touch directly with Annette Fioravanti for further serving suggestions, recipes, and product distribution info at +1 (386) 846-8428.

A nice video about Annette’s Italian traditions and cultural heritage can be also found at this link on, while you can find more recipes and serving suggestions to enjoy Annette’s Italian Chili on Annette’s website.

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