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January’s Ingredient of the Month: Cauliflower

We are pleased to introduce to you a new series of blog [...]

We are pleased to introduce to you a new series of blog posts that we hope will entertain and inspire you across the entire year: The Ingredient of the Month.

You know Italian cuisine is all about fresh ingredients, and every Italian Chef will tell you that one of the most important steps in cooking actually starts outside of the kitchen, browsing local marketplaces and farmers’ markets in search of the freshest ingredients of the season.

With the support of the Chef Team of the Academia Barilla Culinary School, we’ll introduce to you each month a fresh ingredient that can be of inspiration for your culinary creations.

Today Chef Matteo Carboni will introduce the ingredient of the month for the month of January: a classic veggie of the Italian cuisine, the califlower, in a local Italian version called “Cavolo Romanesco“, a variety also available in the United States.

Chef Carboni shows us in this video how to properly clean the cauliflower, that doesn’t have to be cut with a knife. First step is to take the leaves off, then chop the bottom part and cutting away the inner core, so that it will be easier to get the flowers, by picking them from the bottom to the tip.

Chef’s final tip on cooking the cauliflower: you can eventually chop the biggest flowers in halves so that the flower pieces are more homogeneous and you can cook them all together.

Thank you Chef Matteo Carboni for the presentation of the Ingredient of the month. We will publish soon a cabbage recipe, so you can have a try with it.

We would like to hear from you about your experience, recipes and culinary creations using the califlower. Please feel free to send us your input using the comments of this post!

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