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The Christmas Recipes Series: Cotechino in Galera (Beef and Ham Roll)

This month Academia Barilla committed to provide you with a full Christmas [...]

This month Academia Barilla committed to provide you with a full Christmas Gourmet menu and, after the Chicken Galantine (appetizer) and the Herbs Tortelli (entree), it is now time for our Christmas main course: Cotechino in Galera.

A typical Modena recipe, the Cotechino in Galera (its English translation would be Pig Hoof in Jail) is a meat roll made of beef and ham, wrapped inside a pig hoof, and cooked halfway in meat broth and red wine, usually Lambrusco. Here are ingredients and preparation steps.

Academia Barilla Christmas Recipe Series

(a traditional Modena recipe)


- 1 cotechino/ pig hoof approx. 13 oz
- 1 slice of veal (1/4″ height and about 11 oz weight)
- two slices of ham cut rather thick
- half onion
- 3 tablespoons oil
- broth and lambrusco to cover the meat roll


Boil the cotechino (pig hoof) until it’s cooked halfway; let it cool, and then carefully remove the skin.

Lay the slice of veal and cover it with two thick slices of ham.

Place the cotechino in the middle and wrap it up firmly in the meat slice; stitch it with white thread.

In an earthenware, terracotta pot with high edges, brown the finely chopped half onion with three tablespoons of oil.

As it browns, add the meat roll, cover the meat roll with half the meat broth and half of the Lambrusco, just about to slightly cover the meat roll, not above. Cook slowly; keep covered for about 1 hour.

Remove the meat, cut the twine and slice the roll. Let the sauce thicken and the pour it over the cotechino and serve.

For the cotechino to boil and cook properly, it’s advisable to punch two or three points with the prong of a fork. Then wrap it in a wet canvas, binding the edges and place in cold water. In this way, simmer slowly; complete cooking time will take 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the seasoning.


Serve this robust main course with a robust red wine such as Lambrusco Ariola or Barbera Chiarlo.

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