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Gourmet Recipes: Milk Chocolate Mousse from our Pastry Lab

I was just reviewing Academia Barilla’s videos on YouTube (and discovering with [...]

YouTube logoI was just reviewing Academia Barilla’s videos on YouTube (and discovering with pleasure that the video of Giada De Laurentiis’ Holidays in Parma published two weeks ago is already scoring hundreds of views), when I realized that we never published the recipe of the yummy dessert our Executive Chef Nicola Bindini and his Culinary School team prepared in the Academia Barilla Pastry Lab earlier this year.

Sebadas PancakeBy the way, did you try Nicola’s recipe for Mother’s Day, the Sardinian Sebadas Pancakes? You don’t have to wait until next Mother’s Day, Sebadas are an excelent gourmet choice for a brunch, for example. Let us know how which other dishes you picked to accompaign Sebadas in your gourmet brunch buffet, we are very curious about your gourmet creations too.

Back to the Milk Chocolate Mousse from the Academia Barilla Pastry Lab. You might remember the series of Pastry Lab videos we published last February, both on Italian Food Lovers and YouTube. Here is one of them – enjoy.


You can easily review all our Pastry Lab videos here on this blog, you don’t have to browse YouTube for this. The first instalment of two videos is available at this post, while the second and final instalment provides a real video bonanza (4 videos) for gourmet food lovers.

Are you ready now to go to the kitchen? This is going to be an easy recipe but I can guarantee jaw-dropping results upon serving, if you are creative with the final presentation. Put your apron on, here we go.

A recipe by Chef Nicola Bindini

Milk Chocolate

(serves 10)

- 6.4 dl Cream
- 425 grams Milk Chocolate 40%
- 5 grams Fish-Glue jelly


Boil 3.4 dl cream and add the chocolate at 40/45° C.

Soften the fish-glue jelly in cold water and add it to the chocolate at 27°C.

Whip 3 dl of cream (half whipped) and amalgamate to it the chocolate mix.

Place the mousse into moulds and then put in the fridge to settle for 15-20 minutes.

Garnish with creativity then put in the fridge again. Remove from the fridge just minutes before serving.

Chef’s tips:

Make sure that the surface of each mousse is flat and even before putting the moulds in the fridge. Have a look at this Pastry Lab video to discover our simple but effective technique, and to see how much care you should pay to this preparation step.


Also check out the variety of final decorations we came out with. Enjoy our gourmet creations!


Thank you Nicola for sharing the recipe with all our italian Food Lovers friends and readers.

An additional tip from me: you can find the very useful measurement conversion tables for international recipes we published not long ago.

As a final tip, I invite you also to browse all the Academia Barilla videos on YouTube, just go on

Besides of the Pastry Lab and Giada De Laurentiis videos, you will find a nice video series about the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, and other videos from the Academia Barilla Culinary Center that include virtual visits to the Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library and to the facilities and the technologies of the Culinary School. We hope you will enjoy our videos, we will publish some more soon!

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