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Testing your Italian Culinary Knowledge and Skills

As we anticipated at the beginning of this week, and as you [...]

As we anticipated at the beginning of this week, and as you can see from the banner on the side of our blog, we finally launched the Academia Barilla gourmet trivia game we have been working on for the last weeks.

Academia Barilla Gourmet Trivia Game with Logo

This really has been a big project for us, specially because we have also been pretty busy with a number of tasting events over the last two months, so we apologize to all Italian food lovers and beloved blog readers for not posting too much recently – we hope you will appreciate our efforts in producing this Italian gastronomic trivia game that will help us get closer to your italian gourmet experience, and will help you test your Italian gastronomy and culinary skills!

We are so proud of our gourmet trivia game that we even released a press release at the beginning of this week to officially announce it to the media and the world out there. As you already know, I always republish the Academia Barilla press releases on our blog, but let me spend a final word before posting the press release: play the game!

It’s free, it’s fun, it takes only a few minutes to go through it, and you will also be able to download a free cookbook in pdf format at the end of it! Spread the buzz, invite your friends and challenge them on their Italian culinary skills, and also let us know what do you think of it by leaving a comment on this blog!

Here we go with the press release -

Academia Barilla Educates Web Users with a Gourmet Trivia Game and Offers Free Gourmet Culinary Gift

Gourmet Italian Food Ambassador Academia Barilla launches ambitious gourmet trivia online campaign to raise awareness for products and to promote gourmet Italian food and culture. Innovative How Deep Is Your Love gourmet trivia campaign entices and educates users while expanding knowledge of Italian gastronomy.

PARMA, ITALY (PRWEB) April 16, 2007 – Italian gourmet food Ambassador Academia Barilla launches a creative online campaign today with the aim of educating an extensive Internet user base about the finer points of gourmet Italian food and culture.

Academia Barilla kicked off the engaging “How Deep is Your Love” gourmet trivia campaign with a promise of lots of knowledge and a free digital copy of a gourmand’s dream cookbook for Italian food lovers.

The Italian gourmet food company is publicizing its products and its rich library of Italian gastronomy, gourmet recipes and culinary information with the innovative How Deep is Your Love campaign.

Web users are asked a series of ten questions that test user knowledge in the following areas: gourmet Italian food production, basic Italian language and geography, and Academia Barilla brand and products.

Academia Barilla presents a gourmet trivia gameEach of the questions posed to web users in the campaign is taken directly from the rich sources of material that Academia Barilla offers online, from its gourmet food blog Italian Food Lovers, to the product-laden Academia Barilla online store to its information-filled website. User will be able to invite their friends via email to test their Italian culinary skills, as well.

Academia Barilla is offering each user who engages in the short and fun gourmet trivia game a downloadable copy of an Italian Gourmet Cookbook which features recipes, photos and other treasures gleaned from the famous Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library in Parma, Italy.

The digital pamphlet features exclusive recipes and gourmet treats that cannot be found elsewhere, introducing a time travel in Italian gastronomy, from the Etruscans and Roman eras to the more sophisticated recipes of Medieval and 19th century recipes.

Ilaria Rossi, Director of Marketing of Academia Barilla, shares that “The real goal of this campaign is to excite the wide base of Italian food lovers into learning more about gourmet food production and how much of a role Academia Barilla takes in protecting traditional Italian Gastronomy.”

Academia Barilla presents a gourmet trivia gameMassimo Mercanti, Academia Barilla chef and blogger on the popular Italian Food Lovers blog, says, “Creating some of the material for this innovative campaign was really a lot of fun. That’s what we do so well around here – in addition to knowing the ins and outs of gourmet Italian food, we have a great time. I hope that we can pass along a lot of this fun, as well as the knowledge and learning, of course, to our lucky web site visitors.”

The How Deep is Your Love gourmet trivia campaign is running now through June 2007, and can be found online at

For more information about Academia Barilla, please visit or the Italian Food Lovers blog at


About Academia Barilla:

Academia Barilla, part of the Barilla Group, is a premier center dedicated to the art of Italian gastronomic culture. Academia Barilla’s primary mission is to preserve, develop and promote the art of Italian cuisine and gastronomic culture around the world.

Academia Barilla preserves traditional Italian food products and their artisan producers, protecting them from imitation; develops and supports Italian culinary arts through Academia Barilla Culinary Center’s courses and education; promotes and raises worldwide awareness about the Italian gastronomic culture through events and publications.


More information on Academia Barilla:

Academia Barilla USA: Stephanie Sette: +1 847-405-7564
Academia Barilla Italy: Ilaria Rossi: +39 0521-263-826
Academia Barilla website:

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