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A Gourmet Trivia Game and a Downloadable Cookbook from Academia Barilla

We can finally announce the project we have been working on in [...]

We can finally announce the project we have been working on in the last weeks, to the point that we didn’t had much time to blog: a gourmet trivia game for all Italian food lovers!

Academia Barilla wants to get closer and closer to you Italian food lovers, and try to understand what does “italian gourmet” really means to you. Also, we want to understand what is your degree of knowledge about traditional Italian gastronomy culture, so that we can eventually fill the holes by means of this blog.

Academia Barilla presents a gourmet trivia game

So do not exitate! Click on the image above to play our gourmet trivia game – it will take only a minute or two to go throught 10 random questions, and you will be able to download a cookbook at the end of the gourmet trivia game.

We browsed the treasures of the Academia Barilla’s Gastronomic Library to put together a cookbook that maps the history of Italian culinary culture across centuries, a gourmet time travel starting from the ancian Etruscans and Romans’ cooking, exploring the Medioval and Reinassance cuisine, and ending with the more recent Italian gastronomic traditions of the 19th century.

Enjoy the gourmet trivia game and the downloadable cookbook!

Let us know what do you think of our gourmet trivia, write a comment to this post!

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