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333 New Ways to a Man’s Heart

Well, not so new, after all, since this is the title of [...]

Gourmet Valentine's Day from Italian Food Lovers!Well, not so new, after all, since this is the title of another book that I picked up from the Gastronomic Library at the Academia Barilla Culinary Center, and the book is dated back to 1932!

333 New Ways to a Man’s Heart is a classic American cookbook from famous American food writer Phoebe Dane, and it perfectly fits our Valentine’s week series of aphrodisiac gourmet recipes.

Due the time of publishing, of course you will find that Phoebe Dane’s advice is far from what you can find today in magazines like Cosmopolitan, and closer to a vintage Reader’s Digest style – but it is good for our needs as all 333 ways are culinary ways!!!

Here is a picture of the book cover, by the way, with a selection of the other books I picked up for this Italian Food Lovers’ Valentine’s Week from our Gastronomic Library.

Aphrodisiac books

I selected 7 easy-to-prepare recipes from Phoebe Dane’s cookbook to make delicious fruit preserves, so you can feed your gourmet lover one a day for a week! About the other 226 ways to reach an heart? That’s up to your personal loving style…

Put your chef apron on, time to move into the kitchen.

Recipes by Phoebe Dane

Wash the apples, and cut in eights. Cook in a small amount of water until tender, then put through a sieve. To each cup of pulp, add 1/2 cup sugar, a small amount of lemon juice, grated rind and spices. Cook until thick and clear.

Put peel from 8 oranges in cold water. bring to boiling point and cook slowly until very tender. Drain and cool in cold water. remove membrane and soft portion. Put the peel in a syrup made from 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water, and cook gently until syrup evaporates and peel looks clear. Drain.

Melt confectioner’s dripping chocolate in saucepan over hot water. Let water come to boiling point and remove from fire. Beat until cool, then dip pieces of candied orange peel separately in the chocolate.


Put berries on to boil with just enough water to cover. When berries are soft, mash through a sieve and for each cup of juice, which will be very thick, allow 1 cup granulated sugar. Place mixture on stove, and let boil 5 minutes, not a second longer. Then pour into molds.


Pick grapes from stems, wash, crush, and boil 20 minutes. Put in a jelly bag to drop overnight, but do not squeeze. Measure juice, boil 10 minutes, add an equal amount of sugar that has been warming in the oven, and boil 3 minutes more.


Soak 2 tablespoon gelatin in 1/4 cup cold water for a few minutes. Add 1 cup sugar and 2 cups boiling water and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add 2 cups orange juice, 1/4 cup of lemon juice and coloring. then add 1 cup minced mint leaves.


Put through food chopper or slice very thinly 12 oranges, 1 grapefruit and 4 lemons, including rind. Put into 4 quarts water and let stand in open for 36 hours. Boil until tender, add 8 pounds cane sugar, and cook until it jellies.

Good job, Phoebe, you sure know how to get to every food lover’s heart! (you should also see all the other recipes on Phoebe’s book, all very classic and old-school, what I call vintage gourmet) Thank you very much Phoebe Dane!

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