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Stay automatically tuned and always updated with the latest news from Academia [...]

Stay automatically tuned and always updated with the latest news from Academia Barilla and Italian Food Lovers with the Italian Food Lovers RSS Feed.If you are already using an RSS Feed reader software this post will make sense to you, but if you are not familiar with RSS technology, let us immediately advice you that RSS feeds don’t have much to do with food, so don’t rush to the kitchen!

An RSS feed is a simple file that tells the RSS reader software of your choice to constantly monitor our blog (when you are online with your computer). Your software will send you and alert everytime we publish a new post on Italian Food Lovers. It generally looks like receiving an email, with the blog title as subject of your RSS alert, and the first lines of the post copy as summary. You don’t have to come check our blog every day to see if we posted something new, your RSS reader will tell you when there are new gourmet news for you!

If you are still looking for the right RSS reader software we can suggest a simple search on Google for “RSS reader software”, that takes you to this result page where pretty much all the best solutions are represented.

We like Feedburner, we think is a good platform that covers pretty much most of your favorite RSS fedd choices, and is definitely a good standard also from the user standpoint. You should have a look at their website.

If you are ready to subscribe to the Italian Food Lovers RSS feed now, just click on the RSS icon below and choose your RSS platform of choice.

Subscribe to Italian Food Lover blog with your favorite RSS reader

It all should work automatically, otherwise just feed manually our RSS URL into your favorite RSS feed reader – – this should definitely work!

If you don’t see your favorite RSS reader in the Feedburner distribution network please let us know, and we’ll burn a new custom feed for you instantly!!!

More about RSS soon -

Happy new 2007 from Italian Food Lovers and the Academia Barilla blogging team!!!

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