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Other Prosciutti from around the world

After the first overview on Prosciutto, a more attentive look at [...]

Prosciutto and other regional specialties from Academia Barilla After the first overview on Prosciutto, a more attentive look at the production of our favorite, Prosciutto di Parma, and a third instalment on other delicious Prosciutti from around Italy, let’s close this first overview with other Prosciutti from around the world worth your italian Food Lover gourmet palates.Other European countries also produce Prosciutto, including Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and there’s even Prosciutto production in the United States.

Here’s a quick look at some names you may be familiar with.

Jamon Serrano –
Of Spanish origin, this is the famous Iberian ham that, for a time being, was very hard to come by in the United States, hence leading to its cult status in some culinary circles. It is widely regarded as the next-best-thing to Italian Prosciutto, and in particular, the Spanish Jamon Iberico supposedly rivals traditional Italian Prosciutto di San Daniele. This author, having been weaned on Italian Prosciutti, recognizes the history and tradition of Spanish hams, however, would greatly prefer the Italian varieties.

Elenski but –

A Bulgarian take on the Prosciutto, this is actually an excellent product of high value in the former Communist country. I’ve had in on a few occasions in country, and I do appreciate its taste, texture and similarities between Italian-produced pork products and this ham. It can often be preserved via smoking, however, which limits its taste and changes its complexity greatly.

American Prosciutto –
Though the US Department of Agriculture does not allow commercial production of pork without proper refrigeration, there are a few American proprietors of Prosciutto, though their style of finished product differs greatly from the traditional of finer Italian Prosciutti.

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Now that you know it all about Prosciutto, we will soon start blogging about the many ways of using Prosciutto in the kitchen, both in traditional and creative cuisine.

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