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Chef News on Italian Food Lovers

Ciao a tutti, it is nice to be back on Italian Food [...]

Ciao a tutti, it is nice to be back on Italian Food Lovers!I have been away for a while, traveling in the United States and meeting a number of top Chefs who work closely with us at Academia Barilla. I had very interesting cooking conversations (besides of delicious meals) and a culinary coast-to-coast!

Culinary vacations are always fun. You should definitely try Academia Barilla’s Culinary Learning Vacations and gastronomy tours, if you are into traveling and cooking. I’ll give you more details soon about our culinary and gastronomy courses in Parma, Italy.
Back to traveling across the States, let me give you a little anticipation.

With the help of the Academia Barilla US Team of Italian Culinary Specialists, I met several chefs and started building momentum around our blog, so I started putting together some ideas for a Chef project that we will announce here at Italian Food Lovers soon!

In my next blog posts I will follow Leigh’s round of educational posts on some of the most delicious Italian gourmet DOP products, and will share with you some easy but yummy recipes!

Stay connected with us – by the way, have you tried our RSS feed? It works pretty well and I strongly advise you to adopt it, not to miss a beat of our blog!

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