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Italian Day Feast in NY and NJ Areas!!!

How lucky the Italian Food Lovers who live in New York and [...]

How lucky the Italian Food Lovers who live in New York and New Jersey Areas are!!!On Saturday, January 13, Chef Central is throwing a huge Italian Day Feast in Paramus, NJ, and Academia Barilla will be there for your gourmet pleasure.

One week later, on Saturday January 20, and Chef Central doubles up the Italian Day throwing another day-long Feast in Hartsdale, NY. Academia Barilla will be at the Hartsdale Italian Day Feast too, of course.

Chef central’s Italian Day Feasts in Paramus and Hartsdale will both will be two great Italian culinary days, and you don’t want to miss these Italian Food Lover Feasts if you live the North-East of the United States!

Chef Central

Chef Central is a 15,000 square foot paradise for cooks, as described by Halton Brown, the Host of Food TV’s Good Eats, defined it “a ‘Toys R US’ for cooks”. It must be definitely worth the day trip!!! publishes a full calendar of cooking and culinary events they regularly schedule on daily basis both at their Chef Central locations in Harstdale, NY, and Paramus, NJ – some courses sound like lot of fun, specially the cooking classes for kids or the baking classes (I personally love baking, don’t you).

For the next two Saturdays, January 13 and January 20, Academia Barilla has been invited by Chef Central to be the centerpiece of the Italian Day Feast, hosting two full-days of Free Demo and Tasting of the most delicious and finest Italian gourmet specialties.

Academia Barilla’s Italian Culinary Specialist Rosario Procino will be your Tasting Host for the day, and will have your fine Italian Food Lovers palates go watery with the best Italian regional extra-virgin DOP olive oils, traditional balsamic vinegars, regional Italian salami, artisan compotes and more.

During the day you will be free to browse the huge expo area and get free cooking classes and demonstrations (there will be a special session where you can learn how to make pasta at home), and free food everywhere, from original espresso (but don’t abuse with the caffeine, it kills your palate for food Tasting), to several types of bruschetta and fresh baked pizzelle cookies with assorted toppings for your gourmet pleasure.

Bring the family and stay all day at the Italian Day Feasts, and look around for the Italian Culinary Specialists of Academia Barilla in action!

Save the dates now: Saturday January 13 in Paramus, NY, and Saturday January 20 in Hartsdale, NY. Demo and tastings begin at 11 a.m. and finish at 3 p.m.

For those who cannot make it to the Italian Day Feasts, or live far from the event area, please remember that Academia Barilla hosts regular Tasting events across the United States all year-round.

Stay tuned with our blog, and be patient – sooner or later there will be an Academia Barilla Tasting event near to you, and here at Italian Food Lovers we’ll always tell you in advance where to find our Academia Barilla Free Tasting events in the US. We’ll also try to publish the full calendar of Academia Barilla events in the United States, as soon as we have it available for publishing.

Finally, for those Italian Food Lovers who cannot wait to sample delicious Italian gourmet specialties, remember that you can buy Italian gourmet products online at anytime at the Academia Barilla online store!

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