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Hi there, first of all, let me apologize in behalf of all [...]

Hi there, first of all, let me apologize in behalf of all the Italian Food Lovers blogging team for the quality of the images we published up to today, which is not so good, we know it… :( Unfortunately we are experiencing a little bug with the image uploader of our blog platform (and another couple of techie things), and we’ll have to wait for our tech team to be back from their vacation break to fix it all.

We promise you that we’ll publish amazing and gourmet magazine-quality images of food creations, culinary classes, Italian gastronomy and everything Italian Food Lovers soon.

In the meanwhile, we’ll provide you with a lot of learning and gourmet reading pleasure, thanks to the passion Leigh and Massimo are putting into the Italian Food Lovers blog. We really love blogging! :)

We are also getting a number of videos ready for you – so stay tuned for some video entertainment on Italian Food Lovers. If you are hungry for videos now, please enjoy the first three videos on the Academia Barilla website.

We are also uploading homecooked videos on, so you can enjoy at least another 11 of them – if you speak Italian… we’ll record some new videos in English soon, don’t worry.

Please be patient, as you normally are when it comes to cooking time. I also promise I will provide soon a full text translation of our existing videos – an exclusive gift for the Italian Food Lovers blog readers!

We are also setting up all the right RSS feeds, so that you can use your favorite RSS feed reader to stay in touch with us. More on RSS very soon. In the meanwhile, please use our standard feed

Last anticipation: we are taking in consideration the feedback from some of you early blog readers, and we’ll be undergo some little design interventions at the beginning of the new year (next week!), to make sure to offer you a better usability and entertaining experience on Italian Food Lovers!

Keep sending us your comments – it’s easy, just use the link below.

Happy New Year to all Italian Food Lovers in the blogosphere!

See you soon in 2007.

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