academia barilla  December 2006

Buon Appetito a tutti!

Welcome Italian Food Lovers, my name is Massimo and I am one [...]

Welcome Italian Food Lovers, my name is Massimo and I am one of the Chefs of the Academia Barilla Culinary School.I know I’m late to this blog after Leigh and Carla, but it’s not easy being a Chef in the days right before Christmas, we are overbooked with dinners, banquets and catering for Holiday celebration!

I’m very happy to introduce myself on this blog today, since we have been talking a lot recently about this project and we are very excited about it. I will invite you to follow me soon at the Academia Barilla culinary classes, and will share with you some chef’s secrets we generally give away only via word-of-mouth. But a blog is about word-of-mouth, correct? So this is the right place for it…

Now the School is closed due to the Holidays, so in the next few days I will serve you some traditional and innovative seasonal recipes from the Italian gastronomic tradition to experience Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the entire holiday season in a true Italian gourmet style.

I will also report from all the cooking and tasting events by top Chefs here at the Academia, and will intercept for you the superstar Chefs who visit our Culinary School for pro-to-pro interviews. I’ll do my best to steal some of their Chef’s secrets for you.

Alright, so, start chopping our fresh RSS, because we’ll reach boiling time soon here at Italian Food Lovers!

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