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Academia/Zagat: US gourmet partnership

Are you heading out for a restaurant today or during the next [...]

Are you heading out for a restaurant today or during the next Holydays?Looking for a very good Italian restaurant in the United States and don’t know where to book your dinner? Let Academia Barilla and Zagat Guides help you in your restaurant choice.

Academia Barilla Zagat Guide to the top Italian Restaurants in the United States
Academia Barilla is proud to offer a definitive guide to America’s top Italian restaurants, a precious pocket guide for all Italian food Lovers, published by Zagat in partnership with Academia Barilla.

By partnering with the Zagat guide organization, we’ve helped survey some of America’s most choosy eaters in order to better understand what dishes, wines, products, and restaurants America’s Italian Food Lovers choose as their favorites.

Why are we proud to join with the Zagat name to produce this guide? Simply put – quality Italian food, no matter where it is served, is in need of strong recognition.

Whether it be an incredible gelato experience on Columbus Street in San Francisco or that little pasta joint on the corner of Sullivan Street in Manhattan, our readers and our friends all have experiences they want to share about their favorite Italian places, and their most memorable meals.

The Zagat Survey guidebook lists and reviews the top 1,500 Italian restaurants in the United States, so whether you are traveling or just want to make a reservation for a good Italian restaurant in your area, we are sure you’ll find the right gourmet restaurant for you!

Academia Barilla Wine Jelly Beef TenderloinOf course, it won’t come as a surprise to realize that many of these restaurants use Academia Barilla products. If you tasted this excellent Chianti Wine Jelly and Pancetta on this Beef Tenderloin or the sweet, nutty flavor of freshly cut Parmigiano-Reggiano and decadent Pecorino Toscano on the after-dinner cheese plate, as suggested by, then you’ve tasted Academia Barilla.

Click here to buy a copy of the Zagat guide at the Academia Barilla online bookstore, and leave us a comment with your favorite Italian restaurant, and maybe even a dish or two, in the comments below.

Also, as the “serving suggestion” from the picture let you guess, the Academia Barilla Zagat Survey guide to the top Italian restaurants in the US is also a perfect Christmas gift idea for all your Italian food lovers friends!
Buon appetito, and Merry Christmas!!!

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