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A gourmet blog for all Italian Food Lovers!

Buongiorno Italian Food Lovers!
Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Carla, [...]

Buongiorno Italian Food Lovers!

Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Carla, and I’m on staff at the Academia Barilla Press Office.

Let’s say immediately that I’m Italian and, even if my English is pretty fine and fluent, I‘m sure you’ll smile at my Italian accent if you were listening to me speaking English – sorry in advance for typos and weird ways of saying things every now and then!

I hope that, despite of the accent, you will appreciate all the updates, the stories and the interviews that I will post here for all the Italian Food Lovers. I will treat you well on this blog with plenty of useful information.

For gourmet fans: I will share with you on this blog top Chefs’ tips straight out from the Chef classes at the Academia Barilla Culinary School. I will also dig for you in the hidden treasures from our Gastronomic Library with culinary and cooking books that date back to 16th century. You’ll be amazed by our discoveries.

I will also take you with us on our culinary learning vacations across Italy to discover the secrets and centuries-old techniques of farmers and artisan producers of traditional balsamic vinegar, parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto di Parma, extra-virgin olive oil and other traditional regional Italian products. And I will keep you updated on our calendar of classes, courses, tours and activities at the Italian Culinary Institute in Parma, Italy.

For the gourmet pleasure of our professional and home Chef readers I will make sure to post interviews with Italian and International top Chefs that give classes in our Culinary School, Italian cuisine Chefs’ tips, and I will keep you updated on the availability of Italian regional DOP gourmet specialties.

And for you all food industry and media fellows, I will report from all food shows and conventions worldwide where Academia Barilla will represent Italy as Ambassador of Italian gourmet cuisine.

See you on the Italian Food Lovers blog, and Merry Christmas to everybody!!!

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